Weaning from the Breast

In my previous blog post, we examined the variety of reasons mothers wean from the breast. In this blog post I will talk more on the practicalities of weaning at a variety of ages. Babies under 6 months of age Babies of this age are fully milk fed, so weaning from the breast will need to come with the introduction of an appropriate infant formula. If you’ve been fully breastfeeding until now then the weaning process should be introduced slowly, both to reduce the chance of you getting mastitis, and also for your baby’s tummy to adapt to a new food. These are the steps for weaning: Pick your least favourite day feed and replace with a formula feed. I start with a day feed as you will be givin

How Long should I breastfeed for?

One of the most common questions that I’m asked during antenatal classes is ‘how long should I breastfeed for?’. My genuine and sincere answer is always ‘for as long as both mum and baby (child) want to be in the breastfeeding relationship.’ Let me explain – breastfeeding is not a gift that you give your child (despite its many benefits) nor a sacrifice you make for them, but rather a relationship that you enter into with them. Once we frame it as a relationship then it is more obvious that, like any healthy relationship, it is entered into with consent from both sides, continues for as long as both sides want, and should have positive benefits for both sides. Any amount of breastfeeding tha

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