You and your baby have embarked on a new adventure together. While this will have moments of wonder and excitement, like all new starts it can also be daunting. My gentle support can help you navigate these crucial early weeks.  


I will come to your home for a private consultation, during which time we will identify any issues that are causing your or the baby discomfort and put a practical & realistic plan in place to move you towards your breastfeeding goals.


I offer warm, non-judgmental support that carries on far beyond this initial meeting. Included in the home visit fee, I am available for telephone and text support for a month afterwards, and I also run a weekly drop-in clinic exclusively for my clients (for a small additional cost per visit).

I know that breastfeeding is a journey and not a destination – I am here to support you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

This package includes:

  • A post birth meeting in your home: (generally around 90 mins)

    • Meeting held at your convenience usually within 48 hours of first contact

    • Help with specific issues that arise

    • Warm non-judgmental support

    • Practical, hands-on tips for improving mother and baby comfort

    • Assessment of milk transfer

    • Realistic feeding plan that works towards your breastfeeding goals


  • Ongoing telephone/email/text support for four weeks

Cost of Home Visit (usually 60 - 90 mins) - £130 plus the cost of any street parking. To book please complete the form below, or call 07783507973

“Thanks again for everything over the last couple of months! So happy to finally be experiencing nursing as I imagined it; a comforting nourishing bonding time for my baby and me :)” Karen