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“Thanks Wendy. Thursday was so so helpful. I have been breastfeeding a lot more since you came and it's already much easier - she takes more and most times I get the latch right!” 

​Michelle, Mum to Abi aged 1 week*

Thanks again for everything over the last couple of months! So happy to finally be experiencing nursing as I imagined it; a comforting nourishing bonding time for my baby and me :)
Karen, Mum to Sarah aged 3 months*
“You were great – I’m so happy I chose your name from the list of consultants! Today I tried the techniques that you showed me, and while it’s not perfect every time, we are definitely headed in the right direction
Hannah, Mum to George aged 4 days*
“I wanted to let you know the good news – we are now fully breastfeeding! I want to thank you for your help and support. Your calm, reassuring manner really made me feel that we were in good hands. You have such an important job and we new mums are lucky to have you”
Orna, Mum to Josh aged 7 weeks*
* names have been changed to protect clients' privacy
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